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6 Reasons Buying Weed Online Legally Is Coming

Imagine logging onto a website like Ebay but instead of clothes or electronics it has marijuana for sale. It has the same simple steps and review system as Ebay. You pick your strain, pay and wait for it to be delivered. Sounds simple enough, right? That’s because it should be that simple to buy weed online.

1. People Are Already Doing It

I went over the topic of finding a dealer online earlier this year. It was shown that many people are looking for dealers in our comment sections. People are also moving to social networks to find their devil’s lettuce and more. People are using Instagram and Twitter to find their hookup. Noisy did a similar story about people selling lean on Instagram. It showed the side of Instagram that is led by dealers selling drugs freely without a worry.

2. silk Road 2.0 Instant Rise

Silk Road alone showed that buying weed online can be easy and affordable. It’s most popular category was marijuana with thousands of offers on black market of the deep web. It was still sketchy to most people unknown to the deep web. You have to use a browser called Tor that conceals a user’s location or usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. When purchasing anything on Silk Road you have to use bitcoins, a distributed, peer-to-peer digital currency that functions without the intermediation of any central authority.

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Silk Road being around didn’t really make me think that we would be buying marijuana legally online in the future. It’s the fact that Silk Road 2.0 has already relaunched within months of the FBI shutting down the original Silk Road. There are over 7,000 registered on Silk Road 2.0 in just 2 days. Buying weed/drugs online is in such a demand, even on the deep web, that it will move to the entire web soon enough.

3. Bitcoins

Like I stated above, Bitcoins are a distributed, peer-to-peer digital currency that functions without the intermediation of any central authority. Bitcoins let you purchase things online anonymously. 1 bitcoin is equvilent to 286.32 US dollars at the moment. It is always changing like stock numbers. Earlier this year a bitcoin was only worth around 100 US dollars.

Forbes did a story about buying a gram from Silk Road and had a Bitcoin-focused computer science researcher track down their purchase. Forbes did however give the researcher their Bitcoin addresses of their purchase from Silk Road. If they didn’t give that to the researcher, it would of been much more difficult to identify their information. Mainstream websites like Ebay are looking into using bitcoins. It won’t be long until bitcoins become another mainstream way of purchasing things online.

4. You Can Easily Buy Seeds Online

It isn’t new to anybody that cannabis seeds are available all over the internet. Though, it is illegal to purchase cannabis seeds in the US but happens constantly. Many growers in states with unfavorable marijuana laws have to resort to something. These seeds are getting through customs and right to the dirt to be grown. That is why the government needs to adapt, legalize and move to making money off weed like Colorado and Washington.

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5. Delivery Services

Delivery services like L.A Speed Weed and others have been popping up more with laws becoming in favor of marijuana legality. A few years ago I recommended a friend to marijuana delivery service. He described it as quick and easy. After I got off the phone with him I uttered, “If weed can be delivered legally, what’s next for weed?” Whelp, it’s come to this, buying marijuana online is next for weed.

If it is that simple to have marijuana delivered to you, then buying it online should only make it easier. Marijuana collectives already have their menus online. Soon you will be able to order directly from their website, like L.A Speed Weed. Then either they will deliver it personally or you will wait for to come in the mail. This is the future.

6. Technology

None of this would be possible without technology. All the codes that make up bitcoins, websites, Tor and just about everything else we do. Just like technology is making all of this possible. Technology can possibly be the reason the government stops this before it gets going. Let’s hope the government takes a better approach with online buying then they did with prohibition.

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