6 Reasons It’s Time To Start Selling Weed With A Drone



When you’re a marijuana dealer, your nerves are all over the place. You are taking chances every time you sell a gram or an ounce. Dealers have to be constantly cautious while driving with weed, making a re-up, looking out for undercover cops and cops in general. There’s only a few way around those nerve racking things about being a dealer. You can ride a bike or walk, not be a dealer or start selling weed with a drone.

It’s time you find out how you can start selling weed from the couch in your house.

1. No Sketchy Meet Ups In Parking Lots

You won’t have to sit and wait in a CVS or gas station parking lot anymore. I used to hate these type of deals. You get into your dealers car next to you. Sit there for 10 minutes, bullshitting with each other about the weed or weather. Just to make it look like you’re not making a drug deal. Guess what, it’s pretty obvious. The drone will eliminate these sketchy meet ups in public.



2. Don’t Need To Leave Your House

One of the best parts about selling weed with a drone is not having to leave the crib. You get to keep watching your movie or show instead of pausing to go drop off a 20 bag. I know it’s making us lazier but it’s stopping you from being stopped by the police while driving.



3. No Driving With Weed

Only half the battle is won after finishing a sketchy pick up in some parking lot. The other half is driving with that bud home or to your place of toking. With a drone, you won’t have to worry about that paranoia of driving with weed. This could change the way dealers re-up on large amounts of green.



4. Money Saving

Gas prices are so damn high! Drones can be bought on Google and Amazon for around $300. That’s a months worth of gas for some dealers out there. The drone would pay for itself so fast, if you didn’t need to waste money on gas.



5. Being Robbed Is Minimal

Your chances of being robbed on both ends goes down a lot. Whether you’re the dealer or picking up, you both have a chance that the other person could rob you. I speak from a horrible experience of being robbed. It’s a scary moment that I never want to be in ever again.

There is still a chance you could be robbed though. But it won’t be face to face. It would be more like a pick pocket type of robbery. There’s a few ways you could pay if you’re selling weed with a drone. You can use paypal, Western Union, or the honor system by putting money back in the drone box. If your dealer is a trustworthy person then there should be no problems.



6. Deliver In Places Where Cars Can’t Drive To

Have you ever been away camping, boating or somewhere cars can’t drive and wanted some nugs? Hell yes, that’s happened to you before. No need to suffer with out weed in those tough times. Drones don’t use high ways or dirt roads. They will just drop down to wherever you are at.

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