6 Ridiculous Marijuana Strain Names

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As the medical marijuana industry picks up more and more business each year, new strains of marijuana continue to hit the market. Many of these strains have wacky and extremely ridiculous names. Strains like ‘Green Crack,’ ‘Pineapple Express,’ ‘Grandaddy Purple,’ ‘Space Queen,’ ‘Purple Erkle’ and ‘Jack Frost,’ have been flooding the market for years, proving an excellent high which is completely justified by the ridiculous name. These strains of marijuana have different effects and varying strengths from one another, creating a unique and pleasant high with each smoke.

‘Green Crack’ is a very mild tasting smoke and does not make the smoker cough as badly as other strains of marijuana. It is mostly Sativa and has a taste very akin to burning greens. The smell of ‘Green Crack’ is fresh and smells like ripened greenery, providing a very pleasant and aromatic smoke. The THC content is typically around 15 percent and the high involved is light and airy. Many medical marijuana patients smoking ‘Green Crack’ noticed that things became clearer and sensations were purer than with other strains. Smoking this strain and going for a long nature walk or even socializing with friends is perfectly acceptable and even common. It is for that reason that ‘Green Crack’ would be a good option for those who are suffering from debilitating diseases and simply want to live a normal, pleasant, pain-free life.

‘Pineapple Express’ has become extremely popular, especially since being mentioned in the movie of the same name. It is a very intense smoke, creating a high that lasts for hours, with no reported instances of any real lows when coming down. ‘Pineapple Express’ is a very aromatic smelling strain of marijuana and is derived from the ‘Pineapple’ and ‘Kush’ strains. It has a very fruity smell and taste, and gives the smoker a very unique high, which means that it would probably be best to stick with a few friends or relatives and simply stay home after smoking this. With such an intense buzz being achieved by this strain, it is no wonder that is was the strain of choice for the 2008 movie of the same name. It is truly a unique high which should be sampled by any connoisseur.

‘Grandaddy Purple’ is another strain of marijuana with a ridiculous, wacky name. This indica strain is extremely powerful and smells exactly like grapes. It provides one of the most intense highs imaginable from any other strain and has the potential to create a lasting buzz of many hours on end. Smokers of ‘Grandaddy Purple’ typically call it a night after enjoying this buzz. It is for this reason that this particular strain would be best for those who have trouble sleeping, whether caused by major insomnia or depression. Many smokers of ‘Grandaddy Purple’ report having the best night’s sleep that they have ever had, making this the bud of choice for many people. Its popularity has truly grown over the last few years as more and more dispensaries have begun to stock it to satisfy the many customer requests.

Another strain of marijuana which has grown in popularity recently is ‘Space Queen.’ This strain is classified as 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica, making for a very different smoking experience. Marijuana connoisseurs from all over the world have taken to this strain, making it one of the most requested of newer strains, according to many medical marijuana dispensaries. Its medical uses are vast and range from arthritis, migraines, nausea and even pain relief. ‘Space Queen’ originally comes from Europe and was originally derived from ‘Cinderella 99’ and the world famous ‘Romulan’ strains. Aside from the intense high attained from ‘Space Queen,’ one of the things which has made it the most popular is that every single seed properly germinated from the plant will yield a brand new, healthy female plant.

‘Purple Urkle’ is another amazing strain packing a silly name. This strain has a flowery, aromatic, appealing smell and has a distinctive purple color around the trichomes. The nugs on ‘Purple Erkle’ are of medium density and can be quite large. Many people describe the taste of ‘Purple Erkle’ as being very ‘purple,’ although no one really knows exactly what that means. The high achieved from this strain is a mix of ‘head’ and ‘body’ and although it is a subtle buzz, it lasts quite a long time, making it a favorite for those casual smokers needing a light amount of pain relief. It has also been noted to aid many patients with major anxiety issues.

Finally, ‘Jack Frost’ gets its rightful mention among the silly strains. Some sources claim that this strain is 75 percent indica and 25 percent sativa, while other sources claim that it is 100 percent indica. In all honesty, the latter is probably true as the buds look mostly like indica. It produces a heavy ‘head’ high, with very little body effects and has a zoning effect on the patient. The flavor is very strong and features a unique, sweet aftertaste, putting this strain in a league all on its own. ‘Jack Frost’ is probably best for those suffering from insomnia, clinical depression and anxiety issues.

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