7 Extreme Places to Get High

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at Weed Maps.

Getting high is in and of itself quite a rewarding experience, but to really get the most out it, getting high in extreme locations is the way to do it. There are more places than one might think that fit the description of extreme. We’re not talking about in your pickup truck outside your local medical marijuana dispensary. For example, getting high at the top of the space needle in Seattle is an option worth pursuing. There is actually a rollercoaster there.

Actually, that may not be quite extreme enough. It may be unique, but it’s not really that extreme. A more suitable example would be inside or on top of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Think of viewing the stars through the viewing tunnels inside with almost no light destroying the view or standing on the top of the pyramid and being able to see for miles into the desert. Also, the relatively recently discovered secret chamber beneath the Sphinx which has never been opened would work. Whatever is hidden down there must be pretty extreme. I would recommend all of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, save for the fact that the pyramids of Egypt are the only ancient wonder that is still in existence.

There are other ancient places I would recommend, though. Getting high in the Mayan temples would be an extreme experience with all the myths and danger associated with them. You just might see some Marijuana growing all around you in a place like that. There is at least one in which ritual human sacrifices took place. It’s also the culture whose calendar ends on the Winter Solstice next year. Leading archeologists believe that something really extreme is expected on December 21, 2012. They think that the Mayans may have known something we don’t. For example, Graham Hancock believes that a spiritual revolution may take place. Others believe that it will mark the end of the world.

Another possibility for an extreme place to get high is The Oregon Vortex. While standing in this vortex, in order to feel as though one is standing up straight, one will lean slightly so that he or she is tilted toward the magnetic North. What’s really great is the skewed perception in the vortex. Those approaching anyone in the vortex from the magnetic South will appear smaller as they get closer and taller when they are farther away. One hardly needs to get stoned here.

The last possibility that comes to mind is a truly haunted place like Alcatraz or the Myrtle Plantation. Spending the night or even just a little time after hours, at either of these places while stoned would definitely be extreme. Ghostly sounds, sights and even smells have been documented in both places. With the speed at which medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up, someday you could be sightseeing at one of these extreme places and you might see a pot leaf on the door of the building next door. Don’t let those moments pass.  A successful séance is another possibility along the same lines. Anything dealing with the supernatural would be worth checking.

For example, there is an extremely special bed created by a man named Damien Brinkley. Mr. Brinkley has survived two near death experiences. The first was when he was 25 and struck by lightning. The second was when he survived a heart attack in his 50’s. In the first experience, he claims that he went through to the other side and was told by beings, after a life review and glimpse into the future, to build the bed and how to do it. People who use the bed claim to have an out of body experience. Clearly, this is an extreme place to get high.

Sometimes, it’s more in what else is going on, not just the location that makes it extreme. Getting high while sitting inside a shuttle during the launch is one example of this line of thinking. In fact, it’s hard to believe that hasn’t already happened considering some of the things that have been snuck aboard a spacecraft in the past. The only problem with this extreme situation is that NASA’s funding has recently expired. Instead, maybe trying it while in an anti-gravity chamber might be a little bit more of a possibility. Maybe someday we’ll be growing and smoking Medical Marijuana on the moon.

This is a list of the most extreme places on Earth to get high. The only criteria are that it would make the result of getting high so much more than just being stoned. Surely, they are worth checking out. Use the list well.

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