7 Reasons Your Weed Vendors Love You

In light of Prop. 19 (VOTE YES!) right around the corner on November 2nd we’ve come up with 7 Reasons Your Weed Vendors Love You.  Just to say pay homage to everyone from the dispensaries to the hustlers who provide our lives with the euphoric herb, marijuana.

7 Reasons Your Weed Vendors Love You:

1. You’re putting money in their pocket

First things first, receiving marijuana almost always involves a business transaction (unless they love you THAT much). This involves the sale of an item in exchange for currency.  Whether you walk in a store and hand your money to a cashier or meet up at an inconspicuous location to attempt an often failed smooth maneuver, someone’s getting paid.

2. Smoke sessions during transactions are great

Time and location permitting you can go gram for gram, bag for bag or joint for joint with them.  Sampling the product & learning how to use your smoking apparatus correctly is always a good idea as well. Besides, sharing is caring.  How could you pass up a joint like this?

3. He/She thinks you’re hot.

Who doesn’t want to have face time with a hottie?  In this case, Reason #2 happens much more often.  “We go through too much bullshit just to mess with these [hot pothead] girls.”

4. Smokers with smoking friends = more clientele

Not only do we pay up but we get our buds to join in too.  Smoking is a favorite pass time in some inner circles.  I know HMJ rolls pretty deep.

5. They’re just trying to make the world a happier place.

Many folks who purchase weed need it to control serious medical illnesses.  It’s used for relief from various ailments such as skin cancer, insomnia, ADD and HIV, not to mention increasing appetites… good old munchies.   Marijuana alleviates many stresses in general, mental & physical.

6. You acquire other items from them.

Over the years I’ve seen people buy brownies,  dutches, pizza, grinders, studio time, iPhones, cd’s, dvd’s & other random bootleg items along with their weed.  A good salesman will try every which way to close as many deals possible.  Somehow they always “Got what you need.”  Like these lovely items below:

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Shoutout to Houroc. Check out other gear @ The HMJ’s Store.

7. Because you’re a dope ass person!!!

I’ve come to find that weed smokers are some of the most chill people ever.  Interesting conversations and a few shenanigans are bound to happen all in the name of a good time. Who wouldn’t love us?


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