90% of Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients Are in Pain…..*wink wink*

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The Sheriff’s Department and your average pro-weed supporter would not normally agree about anything. Especially whether or not there was too much weed floating around the city of Portland, Oregon.  But lately, everyone from the police department to the local medical marijuana supporters are turning a side-eye to the ease in which a person with an ‘illness’ can obtain a prescription and cop themselves some grade-A pain relief. Ninety percent of Oregon medical card holders are currently being treated for pain, too bad pain treatment isn’t even one of the intended ailments listed under Oregon law.

Even the biggest supporters of medical marijuana said the program operates in a gray area, with some pushing the envelope too far.

Can we really be taken seriously as a sub-culture if we condone the exploitation of a system that contributes to the causal use of marijuana rather than the accessibility of cannabis for medicinal purposes which is what the Oregon laws intended?

Is this a good thing for causal users or does this make all cannabis smokers look like stoned losers trying to cop a high?

Maybe this is more proof that marijuana should just simply be decriminalization so we can all have what we need and want.

Should we all laugh at the government because this is a Greeny #win? It is honestly not out fault Oregon can’t regulate their own laws.

People are only gonna do what you allow them to do.

If you are an Oregon Greenie. Let a sister know, is there really too much weed in Oregon? What say you?

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