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99 Ways I Would NOT Want To Die


What is one way you would NOT want to die?

Normally I don’t write about things like this, but the thought of it occurring to me, of course while high.  The first thought that popped into my head was drowning.

Which would suck.

After thinking more about it and getting help from my friends on twitter, came up with this immense list of horrible ways to die.  I should warn about a couple of things before reading this though.  One is, it contains some graphic scenes and language that might completely blow your high.  Two, some of there are far fetched like #77, but they are all possible.

  1. Drowning in the ocean
  2. Getting attacked by a Great White Shark
  3. Hurricanehurricane-katrina-1_545x424shkl
  4. AIDs
  5. Car accident
  6. Dehydrating
  7. Internal bleeding
  8. Being Curb Stomped
  9. Lung Cancer
  10. Spontaneous combustion
  11. Falling off of a Roller Coaster
  12. Being dragged by a truck
  13. Food poisoning
  14. Being stung by lots of bees/wasps
  15. Getting acid thrown on you
  16. A full grown Gorilla mauling you to death
  17. Being scalded
  18. Being burned alive1003_545x736shkl
  19. Snake bite
  20. Accidentally shot by an arrow
  21. Being electrocuted
  22. Bird flu
  23. Swine flu
  24. Regular flu
  25. Quicksand
  26. Being attacked by a lion
  27. Overheating
  28. Scalpingscalping-engraving_545x824shkl
  29. Ingesting glass
  30. Buried in cement
  31. In surgery
  32. Being stuck in a well
  33. Drowning in the pool
  34. Choking on your own vomit
  35. Being attacked by an alligator
  36. Being stranded on an island
  37. Walking the plank
  38. Gettin cut in half by a propeller
  39. Being washed out to sea
  40. Being attacked by piranhas
  41. Being eaten by pigs
  42. Choking on some good food
  43. In an explosioniraqiexplosion_110703_545x567shkl
  44. Rabies
  45. West Nile virus
  46. Being trapped in a meat locker
  47. Malaria
  48. Run over by car
  49. Lynched
  50. Alcohol poisoning
  51. Drug Overdose
  52. Being eaten alive by a komodo dragon
  53. Being chopped up
  54. Being locked in a room until you die
  55. Bleeding to death
  56. Elevator accident
  57. Falling in a meat grinder
  58. Being buried alive
  59. Something really heavy falling on you
  60. Throat cut
  61. In childbirth
  62. Being on a bridge that collapses
  63. Being shot in the stomach
  64. Being smothered
  65. Untreated gangrene
  66. Sky Diving accident
  67. Having you face beaten in
  68. Infection
  69. Being on a concentration camp
  70. Tornado01_tornado_unioncity_650_500x428shkl
  71. Dying on life support
  72. Severely stabbed
  73. Run over by a train
  74. The gas chamber
  75. Being struck by lightning
  76. Being crushed by an elevator
  77. Being strapped to a rocket
  78. Being slowly poisoned in small amounts
  79. Stranded on another planet
  80. Bungee jumping accident
  81. Imploding
  82. Getting impaled through your anus
  83. Drowning in the bathtub
  84. Anything involving a chainsaw2003_the_texas_chainsaw_massacre_004_500x771shkl
  85. Mountain climbing accident
  86. Dying in a desert
  87. Crushed by closing walls
  88. Suffocation
  89. Rupturing a vital organ
  90. Tied to a train tracktrain-tied_500x667shkl
  91. Being anywhere near an volcano eruption
  92. Falling
  93. Being pinned down by something really heavy
  94. Slipping in the bathroom and hitting your head
  95. Choking on a quarter
  96. Floating aimlessly in space
  97. Earthquakeearthquake-gallery-3_500x364shkl
  98. Being shot in the face with a nail gun repeatedly
  99. Waterboarding

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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