A Fast Moving Mess in L.A.

The story on what is happening with medical marijuana dispensaries in L.A. is moving too fast to do it justice in HMJ.  But here’s a brilliant summary that will bring you up to date, and a link to the whole article.  Enjoy.
“So let’s review: L.A. has banned all but the tiniest marijuana collectives. When it attempts to enforce this ban, it will be sued. Action will be delayed for months, or quite possibly until the state Supreme Court weighs in on a series of marijuana cases next year. Mission accomplished?”

This is an editorial in the Los Angeles Times, but it does a good job summing up some of these issues.
What’s driving so many of these issues is that the established powers are trying to — simultaneously (1) allow cannabis use while (2) keeping cannabis illegal. WE should say “NO” to that.

There is not a valid reason under the big blue sky why cannabis should be illegal in the first place.

It is time to re-legalize.

[image: Google images Harry J. Anslinger; I chose this black-hearted, lying son of a bitch to illustrate this story because, without his fear and lies, we wouldn’t be in this particular mess today. Thanks a bunch, Harry. Good service to the country.

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Author: DavidB

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