A Marijuana Based City in Humboldt County, CA

On Sunday May 15, 2011 the Humboldt Emerald City Organizing Group held an informational fundraiser. They were hoping to plan about a city that revenues from the local marijuana industry. The group would have to fund $7,500 to discuss about an initial feasibility study, a preliminary analysis of available revenue sources for a potential city, and how any financial gaps might be filled. The LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) executive officer George Williamson said,” They need to show where the money is going to come from because as a city, they would be responsible for a range of services and those services will need to be clearly defined.” If approved the Humboldt Emerald City Organizing Group will have to acquire signatures from property owners within the area. The group has to discuss a tax revenue sharing agreement with Humboldt County, which displays the services the new city has to face and how much Humboldt County’s tax revenue it would take to support these services. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise as Southern Humboldt County tried to make it their own county 15 years ago. “We’ve had several meetings with LAFCO personnel and county officials,” Lamport said. “And, we’ve been pleased with their efforts to take us seriously, and they’ve certainly been encouraging.”

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