A Mother’s Day Message in Colorado

Here’s a wonderful Mother’s Day opinion piece by new-mother Kirtley Ceballos.  She lives in Colorado, and has something to say about Amendment 64, which , if passed, will, in Colorado, treat marijuana like alcohol.  She also has an opinion about motherhood.  [Spoiler:  she’s in favor of both]  Here’s a taste of a well thought out position:
“With the birth of my first child 10 months ago, this is a very special Mother’s Day for me. It is a time for me to pause and think about the mother I want to be to my little boy as he continues to grow. I plan to take some quiet time to imagine both the joys and challenges that lie ahead.  Looking down the road, I know, like every other parent, that one of the greatest challenges my husband and I will face is the possibility of teen drug, tobacco and alcohol use. Fortunately, as a parent, I have more than a decade before that really becomes an issue. But as a Colorado citizen, I have the opportunity this year to address the subject on a societal level.

In November, the voters in our state will consider Amendment 64, an initiative that would regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. It would allow adults 21 years of age or older to use and possess a limited amount of marijuana. . . .Most importantly, from my perspective as a future parent, the initiative would establish a regulated system for the cultivation and sale of marijuana. This means that marijuana would be sold in stores in which employees would be required to check IDs before conducting any transaction.  Taking the sale of marijuana out of the criminal market and putting it in the hands of state-regulated stores would be a dramatic improvement over the existing system. In fact, if your concern is the health and well-being of teens, it can be argued that we currently have the worst possible marijuana policies.
. . .
While teen marijuana use is on the rise, teen cigarette use is falling. In fact, the number of teens admitting to smoking a cigarette in the past month dropped 19 percent between 2010 and 2011. Among teens, there are now more current marijuana users than cigarette users!  What this tells us is that regulating the sale of a product and restricting the ability of teens to purchase that product is an effective means of reducing use. What is working for cigarettes should be done for marijuana.

. . .
For the sake of our children, it is time to regulate marijuana like alcohol.”


Well written and from the heart.  I encourage you to enjoy this complete work at The Denver Post
image:  Google images: Colorado]

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