A Quick Tron Backstory

Seeing enough trailers from the upcoming Tron: Legacy sparked my curiosity enough to find out more about it before I eventually end up watching it after medicating. Hit the jump to catch yourself up.

The History:

First, there was a prequel to Tron: Legacy, so if I ask, “Did you see the original Tron?” don’t reply, “There was an original?” or you’ll lose major geek swag. Tron is a cult classic, and a must see for any geek, that was released in 1982, in a period of major innovation in the technology sector. Only a year before, businesses were finally able to purchase IBM’s PC 5150 for an affordable price. The computer was becoming a tool for businesses to succeed, and people knew, soon computers would make their way into their homes. It was clear technology was the talk of the day, and with computing, the possibilities were endless.

With all this, its only obvious that a fantasy movie would be released involving computers during this time. Tron was that movie. There’s no doubt in my mind that for the children and adults who did see it, after spending time at arcades, bowling, or roller skating (or whatever young people did in the 80s), all of them enjoyed it.

Here’s the backstory, short and sweet:

Kevin Flynn works for some no-name company. Some shady dude from the company steals his programs and works his way up to the top, while Kevin gets fired. Kevin repeatedly tries hacking into the companies computers to find his original code and prove that dude didn’t really write those programs. Meanwhile, the company has some laser that turns whatever into the real world into a computer program, basically sending it into a computer world that is in the companies mainframe. Also some other dude tells the thief dude he’s writing a program called Tron that monitors all the data between the company’s computers and the internet. Oh yeah the reader finds out the thief dude is being controlled by the company’s AI, who’s also shady and doesn’t like the idea of Tron since its doing some shady shit. Then Kevin breaks into the company to try to hack it, so the AI shoots that laser at it and sends him to the computer world he controls, figuring he’ll kill him there. Then there’s meaningless cool battles called “games” with cheesy music and everything is really cheesy. By the way, all the programs manifest themselves into people, and hate the AI cause they know he’s shady too, so they rally with Kevin in the computer world, and defeat the AI. Kevin comes back, gets some girl, starts his own company, and everybody lives happily ever after.

Now that you know that, know all of this isn’t really necessary to watch Legacy. Kevin Flynn and a few other characters will probably make appearances throughout the new movie, but aside from being able to say, “Hey I remember him in the original Tron,” you can get away with not watching it. The producers probably don’t want you to see it because you might think Legacy is like it. Crappy. The original Tron stinks mostly because the music was SUPER CHEESY (Yes I’m using cheesy alot because it got annoying), the story was SUPER CHEESY (it was intended to be a kid movie after all) and last, because the producers then did not have the visual technology (since CGI sucked back then) to really make Tron pop. This is where Tron: Legacy steps in.

Old and Busted:

New Hotness:

We have great CGI these days. So much so that we can absolutely confirm Tron: Legacy will be a visual hit. Compare it to Avatar. Do it. And see it in 3D. You’ll be amazed. Now that Disney has the technology, anything less than amazing will be looked at as a failure. Next was the cheesyness. The producers this time made a shift, and a good one. This Tron, is dark. Kevin Flynn has been missing for some time, and his son will be the one making the appearances in the computer world. He needs to find out what happened to his father, what is this computer world, and what is killing other programs in it. And sexy ass Olivia Wilde is starring in this one (the first picture). Just check out this trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

Since the visuals and story are being addressed, look who’s scoring the music…

That’s right. The cult phenomenon of electronic music is making a long awaited return to the music industry in Tron: Legacy, along with a few cameo appearances as well. Aside from their sound, Daft Punk has been well know for its computerized, techy visuals, and no doubt, were influenced by the original Tron, so to come back and make music for Tron: Legacy, is probably as huge for them as it is for fans who have not heard a studio album for almost 5 years. For the producer heads, they’ve always used Ableton, but they’re using alot of Reason and Reaktor this time around, so the synth sequences will be stimulating. The soundtrack, which is somewhat a release in itself considering Daft Punk’s notability, was scheduled to be released December 7th, but has since been leaked around the internet and is available for your downloading pleasure if you absolutely cannot wait for the movie. The hype single is below, and well worth the watch.

What to expect in the end:

Although this movie might not be a huge blockbuster hit, just like the original, it will deliver on entertaining a mass amount of people, and start a new cult following with all the hidden hype surrounding the movie. And just like the original, will surely entertain viewers for years to come as a sleeper hit that will still be hot generations from now. So don’t write of Tron just because of the Harry Potter hype. And do expect an entertaining 3D experience. And now that you know the story, be sure to give daps to whoever’s rocking a lightsuit at the theater.

shouts to Jalil of extricateswag for this well executed piece.

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