A Washington Bar Business Goes To Pot

franks2 Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Olympia, Washington is going to pot! Bar owner, Frank Schnarr, has opened the second floor of his establishment to accommodate tokers. Frank hopes his radical business plan will save what he considers to be a failing enterprise. "I stay up at night," he said. "I'm about to lose my business. So I've got to figure out some way to get people in here."

Washington state residents made their voices heard on November 6, 2012, when they made history by becoming one of two United States to legalize consumption and possession of cannabis by adults.  The language in the newly passed initiative claims adults of a legal age may consume cannabis in the privacy of their own homes, so would indulging in a bowl of frosties down at Frank’s be legal for the consumer or Frank?

franks3Tom Morrill, Olympia’s city attorney, had this to say about the matter at hand: "We're looking into it. There are a lot of changes in state law right now. That's all I can say."  The Liquor Control Board will be responsible for making the rules and overseeing the cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis in the state. The Board’s spokesman, Mikhail Carpenter, had this to say in regards to the legality of Frank’s new business plan: "The board is weighing its options with regard to Frankie's," he said. "It's not perfectly crystal clear as to who this falls to."

Frank has made it abundantly clear about the clientele he intends to attract by allowing cannabis consumption on his premises. He claims he’s not attempting to appeal to transients and he isn't interested in drawing large groups of rowdy college students. Here is what Frank had to say in reference to the possible abuse of the new bar privileges:  "I'll have security in here, and if I see a bunch of guys just trying to get ripped, they're gone," he said.

Good luck, Frank! We will be keeping an eye on your progress.

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Author: ErikG

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  • Iphigius the Black

    Well, what type of clientele is he looking for? Stoners?I think he's delusional.

  • SomeoneWhoHurts

    This guy's bar has always been a live and let live kind of place. I give him kudos for having the balls to do it, in my town none the less! Good on you Frank.

    • ErikG

      . Sounds great to me, have a few frosty mugz, go up stairs and have few frosty nugz! B)

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