A3C Festival 2012 Recap

I was honored to cover this years A3C Festival in Atlanta. The festival had everything from shows to panels to films. It was all centered around the culture of hip-hop. There were around 300 rappers from literally all over the globe that showed up to perform. Everything from country rap tunes to backpack rap to the hyphy movement came down to the dirty south to show their skills. Three days could barely contain all of the events that took place. If you were following me or HMJ on twitter you got to see all of the events taking place live. A3C blew me away with the amount of good people and acts I was able to meet and see.

I woke up early Thursday morning ready to take my 4 hour flight down to Atlanta with avenges. I was ready to see what the hell ATL was all about. I have never been to the inner city of Atlanta, so I only had rap song lyrics to describe what life in the ATL was like. From what I’ve heard, there are a lot of strip clubs, rappers and Waffle Houses. Though I didn’t see the inside of any strip clubs or Waffle Houses. I did see that Atlanta has too many rappers. I felt like everybody was a rapper. But that was why I was there, to see rappers rap.

After snagging my media passes at Maquarede. I walked around for awhile checking out vendors, the people and some random panels going on. The first showcase I caught up on was the Underground Express featuring CunninLynguists, G-Side and more. The one who stuck out most was Sha Stimula from New York. His passion and performance had everyone in the small area paying attention. His lyrics were so deep and hella funny. He had the whole crowd laughing at his crazy funny rhymes. His deep words to the crowd between songs almost made me an instant fan. After Sha’s intriuging performance, I headed up to the Beer & Tacos stage. I was impressed by the name of the stage, not the performers. The first guy looked like a mix of Lil Twist and Chief Keef. His music was straight trash. I was ready to dip after that, but stayed for a few more acts. Happy I did because I saw Iggy Azalea, and my god is her ass big. Seeing that the best performer of the night was going to be Big Boi, we headed over to West Terminal.

The BET Music Matters stage put on a show for me. I saw Kid Daytona, Phil Ade, Skyzoo and of course Big Boi. Daytona did his thing for sure. Had the crowd wavy as hell during his whole performance. I ended up backstage with a few people eating Big Boi’s catered food waiting for Big Boi to show up. After knowing we didn’t belong backstage by the dressing rooms, we headed back to the stage. Right in time to catch Skyzoo. he rocked the crowd even better than Daytona. Ending his set with his hit and my personal favorite song “Speakers On Blast”.

As soon as Big Boi hit the stage, you saw literally every single person in the crowd grab their camera or phone to take a picture. I mean everbody, because I was in the back. Big Boi played literally every hit song by him and Outkast. At one point I was wondering when or will it ever end. He was only suppose to play for 20 minutes and played for what felt like hours. It was the best way to end day 1 of A3C.

On day 2 I showed up early to the iHipHop Distribution stage to L.E.P Bogus Boys. I sat through struggle performances from M.O.N.E and Kidd Kidd. Kidd Kidd was one of the worst performers I have ever seen. How they hell is he part of G-Unit? At that point nobody was near the stage. I was sitting in the back sipping my drink, disappointed. Luckily, Frenchie came and saved the day with his performance. He brought a ton of people to the stage. He had one dude literally on stage just rolling a blunt and then smoking it alone. L.E.P Bogus Boys were suppose to go on after him. But they never showed up. I was very sad at that point. Fred Da Godson then performed. I’m not a fan, but he was okay. He really is the fattest skinny rapper ever. Prodigy of Mobb Deep then came in and had one of the best performance of the festival. He walked in, performed only four songs. They were his four hits. He came, he performed bangers, no filters and left. I can;t ask for anything better.

After seeing that great performance from Prodigy, I headed over to check out DJ Drama speak at one of the panels. I have no idea what panel it was. It is always cool to hear Drama talk about his come up and how he stay relevant.

I then headed back to the iHipHop stage to catch the best all around stage I saw all weekend. HipHopDX put together an amazing showcase. It started off with Bronze Nazareth who was extremely hype. He did not rap his own material. Instead he got the crowd hype as hell with some of hip-hop’s biggest bangers. Up next was the white boy from Atlanta, Tom P. He was voted best new emcee in Atlanta. I’ve known about him for a long time and was so happy to see him. He put on an amzing show. Right after him Torae came on and tore it up. I never knew about him until now. He had Skyzoo come and join him for a song. My personal favorite performance was  Chino XL. He was so inspirational in his words and by the amount he put into the show. He was truly an amazing performer and speaker. Freeway jumped in the middle and tore down the stage. He is always something special to see. The main act, The Chef known as Raekwon from The Wu. He played a ton of classics and brought out RZA for a classic performance.

The last night had the stage I was most excited about. The Dirty Glove Bastard & Live Mixtapes stage. The stage featured an amzing line up of Indeed, KD, SL Jones, CoryMo, Slick Pulla, Fat Trel, Alley Boy, Trouble, OG Ron C, Starlito, Devin the Dude. It had so much energy. I was backstage watching Devin The Dude and burning blunts. The best trap rap show I have ever seen.

Thanks to A3C and my girl Jaimee Lou for giving me a place to stay and showing me around her new city.


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