Aaron Rodgers isn’t making very many friends in Green Bay

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One of the main reasons why Brett Favre was one of the most loved players was because he not only loved the game but he loved Green Bay and they loved him back. I guess during all those years on the bench, Aaron Rodgers forgot to take notes.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated he had some pretty interesting comments for the fans who will be sitting their asses in the cold to watch him play:

The magazine asked Rodgers “whether he feels pressure to connect with the fans the way Favre did.”

“I don’t feel I need to sell myself to the fans,” Rodgers responded. “They need to get on board now or keep their mouths shut.”

So after those comments came out, either he realized how stupid that was to say or someone smacked some sense into him but he quickly tried to clear the air when he was contacted by phone:

“I do care deeply about the fans and I think anybody who has been to training camp sees a lot of times I’m the last one out signing autographs. I care about the fans; I care about their opinions,” Rodgers said. “Everybody wants the fans to care for them and to pull for them and I am no different.

“I think my record, as far as the time I spend with the fans, and more importantly the stuff I do in the community, kind of speaks for itself.”

Wheres number 4 when you need him?

[JS Online]

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