About Tomorrow: A Real Industry Being Born

Ever seen a florist shop?  Know what you didn’t see?  The industry that delivered those flowers to the merchant.  Someone who decided which flowers to plant; someone to plant and raise the blooms; someone to harvest those stems; someone to package them, another to deliver them.  And, in the end, someone to ring up your sale and say “Thanks for your purchase.”  That same production line will one day, soon, exist for cannabis and cannabis products.  Here’s why I say that.


In Colorado, cannabis industry trade gropus are organizing. That’s some indication the business expects to last.

The Green Standard Working Group (GSWG) (www.TheGSWG.org), announced the formation of a new trade association, created to advance the interests of the cannabis industry by establishing standardized analytical methods for potency testing. The GSWG provides an open forum for industry leaders to work together with the intent of nominating and implementing these testing protocols . This will lead to better, more consistent test results – giving powerful and accurate information to everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere, including growers, MIP producers, dispensary operators, regulators, and consumers.

Working with the leading researchers, scientists and executives in the cannabis industry, the GSWG members will identify an optimal set of analytical methods so that a standard set of protocols can be established and published for reliance by the industry and its regulators. The mission is for the efficiency, consistency of results, and veracity of testing labs to be vastly improved – not only here in America, but all over the world.

“The goal is to bring together the ‘best and the brightest’ to work together, and not only provide our industry with needed guidelines, but to also demonstrate to policy makers and voters that the cannabis industry can operate in a responsible and accountable manner,” said Matt Kaplan, Founding Member of GSWG.

Visit the Green Standard Working Group

Next, the 2nd Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition will be taking place June 17-19, 2015 at the Javits Center in New York City. Hey, NEW YORK IS NOT LEGAL — YET. And it’s still the location of a business conference. Here’s what you can learn.

Led by industry experts in the medical, legal, financial and product development fields, the CWCBExpo’s conference program in New York will cover the most important topics and business objectives that are needed to succeed in this rapidly changing and growing industry. The 40 conference sessions include:

-How to Obtain a State License to Sell, Grow or Produce Medical or Recreational Marijuana

-The Top 10 Things It Takes to Make a Successful MMJ Operator

-Attracting Wall Street to Your Cannabis Business

-How to Maximize the Valuation of Your Cannabis Business to Achieve the Highest Possible Investment and Sale Multiples

-How to Work with Unions for Your NYS Medical Marijuana Business

-What Physicians Need to Know to Prescribe Medical Marijuana to Their Patients

Learn more about the Cannabis World Congress

What’s that you say? You can’t wait all the way to June for the conference? Well, how about May in Chicago? Hey, Illinois is not legalized, yet. Yet.

Hundreds of commercial growers – large-scale cannabis cultivators – are attending the Spring Marijuana Business Conference & Expo . . . newest advanced sessions . . . #1 Crop Optimization: Advanced Growing Methods, Tech & Tactics. Get the most output out of your grow. As the cannabis industry matures and the competition increases, growers have to boost crop productivity through the use of advanced technology and sophisticated cultivation methods. Discover how to maximize yields and use your grow space more efficiently . . . #2 Commercial Growers’ Dilemmas: Consolidation, Competition & Cost . . . 3 Growers-Only Roundtable Discussions . . . 4. Indoor vs. Greenhouse vs. Field Grows.

Visit the Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.

But how will you know which strian to purchase for what ails you? By going to WIKILEAF, that’s how.

More? Tough audience. Here . . . Oregon this time.

The Oregon Growers Political Action Committee has a new moniker. Now, it’s officially known as the Oregon Cannabis PAC, a reflection of the group’s attempt to grow its membership base and become more inclusive of other types of businesses. Specifically, medical marijuana dispensaries.

Follow this story HERE.

And, finally . . . if you are looking for a job in this emerging cannabis economy, or need to hire people for your already existing business, keep 420careers.com in mind.

420careers.com’s visitor demographic consists of marijuana consumers, enthusiasts and business owners, making it the ideal website to advertise marijuana-related products and services . . . provides a place where job-seekers can browse and directly apply for marijuana industry jobs, as well as post their resumes for employers to view. Businesses can post available marijuana industry jobs and browse job-seekers’ resumes.

Our time is here friends. You’re not still waiting in the wings, are you? Get in the game now regardless of where you are. Be part of the new cannabis economy tomorrow.

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