About Tomorrow: Cannabis Infused Beverages

Among the many new things we will have in our re-legalized tomorrow are cannabis-infused beverages.  This topic popped up in HMJ’s mailbox this week, and when a trend is seen we pull out the “About Tomorrow” column.  I have not tried these — yet.  Something to look forward to.  Here’s more:


House of Jane, which is a not-for-profit corporation that provides quality, cannabis-infused beverages for patients who value a healthier alternative to smoking, prescription pain killers, alcohol or high-calorie edibles? Jill has more than 30 years of cultivating experience. House of Jane, which was founded in 2013, aims to be the preeminent cannabis innovator, leveraging a national team of industry leaders to promote responsible legalized and regulated cannabis consumption. House of Jane strives to create awareness within the industry and governments and develop environmentally friendly, safe and tested products.

In January 2015, the company launched Jane’s Brew, an incomparable line of cannabis-infused coffees, teas, hot chocolates, creamers and sweeteners at the 2015 Hempcon Cup in San Jose, where it won the event’s top honor for Best Edible and Connoisseurs. In a matter of weeks since its launch, Jane’s Brew is now in 33 cannabis clubs and dispensaries in California and is expected to be in Nevada in May 2015. This summer, House of Jane is teaming up with Oaksterdam University, the internationally recognized cannabis college that offers educational and certification programs, to host a 2-day cannabis conference in Washington, D.C.

If you drink alcohol you might find BONG APPETIT and “cannabis cocktails” amusing.

See a trend we’ve missed? Let us know.

[image: Google images “future” & “Jane’s Brew”]

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