About Tomorrow: Will the United Nations Act?

A facet of re-legalization that gets little attention is the fact that the United States spread it’s drug war hysteria around the world through the United Nations.  There are international treaties setting drug policy in place as a lawful agreement between nations.  Maybe that is about to change.


. . . the U.N. needs to change its onerous policies on drugs, particularly marijuana, because the drug wars and criminalization have failed. The United Nations General Assembly will hold a special session April 19 to April 21 this month to discuss changing its policies initiated in the 1960s criminalizing drugs and drug users. It is now widely recognized that those policies have failed. 

Says Dinenberg, “Hopefully, topping the list of reforms by the U.N. body will be the removal of marijuana from the Single Convention. That could go a long way toward clearing away international agreements that have been among the impediments to decriminalization of marijuana by the U.S. government. It would also put an end to the billions of dollars wasted each year on the U.S. government’s continuing war on marijuana while at the same time a growing number of states are legalizing marijuana.”

In fact, the US Drug Enforcement Administration has just released a memo stating it will decide in the next few months whether to change the federal status of marijuana. A change in U.N. policy would make it easier for the federal government to begin the process of legalizing marijuana.

There are several obstacles for the industry to overcome amid the political banter including reclassification, state’s rights, and decriminalization. Currently, there are three treaties that may be a more important first step to address at the federal level: The United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (1961), the Convention on Psychotropic Substances (1971), and the Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (1988).

The excerpt is from a letter HMJ received through David Dinenberg, a player in the emerging cannabis economy. If you would like to know more about Mr. Dinenberg GO HERE.

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