Activists Gather From Northern America to South Africa

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Image via That's Good Weed

Pro-medical marijuana and pro-legalization activists staged protests in both the northern and southern hemispheres of the blue marble this past weekend, demonstrating the global desire for an end to prohibition.

A clever protest was staged by activists from NORML ZA: Cannabis For Cancer Patients outside of Johannesburg, South Africa at the world’s largest walking event, Walk the Talk. 55,000 people showed up to walk the 5 kilometer charity event, but only the NORML participants walked it backwards.

“Walking backwards is about highlighting the absurdity of criminalising cancer patients who want to be able to legally use or grow medical marijuana,” said group member Imiël Visser, who became a believer after he cracked a vertebra in 2010 and medicated with marijuana.

Closer to home, where July isn’t the middle of winter, anti-prohibition activists continue to face ridiculous amounts of resistance from jackbooted hicks. The Nebraska Cannabis Coalition met in Scottsbluff, Nebraska to recruit supporters for Proposition 19, an initiative to regulate and tax all commercial uses of marijuana and remove all laws governing private, noncommercial use of the plant in the state. Prop 19 would do so through the addition of an amendment to the Nebraska state constitution, and needs signatures from 10 percent of registered voters to put the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot for the 2012 general election. Accordingly, the NCC met at Northwood Park in Scottsbluff so voters could show their support for the measure and sign the petition.

Speaking of backwards:

But group organizer Tessa Armstrong says police harassed their group twice while they demonstrated.

Armstrong says she told officers she had a constitutional right to protest on public grounds, but she says the officer threatened to arrest her and told her city ordinance overrules the Constitution.


So city ordinances are more powerful than the Constitution of the United States, was the officer’s point. I know people who have been U.S. citizens for less than a year and know more about civics than this cop.

Thankfully, the ACLU is doing something worthwhile and has sent a letter reminding the local law enforcement that no, they do not in fact wield more power than the document that created this country and yes, the protesters are in fact guaranteed the right to freedom of assembly by that same document. The article doesn’t say whether or not the ACLU letter encourages said police force to educate its law enforcement employees in, you know, “laws,” since its officers apparently slept through class that day.

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