Activists (Try To) Confront Trump’s A.G. Nominee

Senator Jeff Sessions is an old-style anti-pot crusader who is, OMG, President-elect Trump’s nominee for attorney general.  D.C. Cannabis Campaign members (the people who re-legalized the District of Columbia) showed up at Senator Sessions office hoping to catch him in.  How’d that go?


Marijuana activists received an unexpectedly warm reception Monday from Sen. Jeff Sessions’ staff after announcing a “#smokesessions” protest would happen at “high noon” in the office of the staunchly anti-marijuana Alabama Republican selected by President-elect Donald Trump to be attorney general. The group responsible for several recent smoke-ins near the White House left Sessions’ office saying that they felt heard . . .

That’s how to set the bar low — we were heard. Yes, it could be worse. Next . . .

At Sessions’ office, nearly a dozen members of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, which led a successful 2014 campaign to legalize marijuana in the nation’s capital, were promptly told they would be given a meeting and were ushered into a conference room. Adam Eidinger, the group’s co-founder, fessed up that he had allowed the staff to assume there would be civil disobedience and presented a red t-shirt for the senator that says “great” Americans evolve their positions on cannabis policy.

“We had to pretend we might smoke marijuana in your office to get your attention,” he said.

“We are terrified of your bosses’ comments recently in the Senate. They make it sound like we’re bad Americans,” Eidinger added before gesturing to his red-shirt-wearing peers, saying it looked like a Trump rally.

“You’re being legitimate. We appreciate that,” said Sessions communications director Chris Jackson.

An interesting story and worth your time to READ IT.

Much respect to the people who tried to confront Sessions. We must not sit back and think the fascist torrent about to be unleashed is not going to touch us. Muslims and immigrants are probably in the first wave; then LGBTQ, non-whites, and cannabis consumers. Maybe we can convince the new boss to give us a miss in return for lots of tax revenue. Clearly he likes money.

That last thought leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Responsible cannabis use is no crime. While cannabis is the outward dress, the lesson, once again, is who makes the rules and who obeys them. Study your history. We are repeating 1920 – 1940. Maybe we can remember the past and not have to repeat it.  Maybe.

We need to be talking about this before it happens. What are we going to do if — when — they come for us because of our choice of plant? Your thoughts are encouraged.



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Author: DavidB

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