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If the Feds won’t change; if the state won’t change; the city can still seek change.  This is grass roots change coming from the bottom moving up.  It is the kind of change that is organic, real and alive.  It is not a change forced by coercion.  It is the kind of change that can last.  Let’s go to Kalamazoo, Michigan:
“Kalamazoo’s city attorney wants city commissioners to pass an ordinance making possession of a small amount of marijuana, enforceable by an appearance ticket instead of an arrest. The ordinance also would lessen the fee or jail time offenders would serve, and would free up police officers for other matters.”
. . .
“Enforcement of the statutory offense, particularly for small amounts of marijuana, requires an inordinate amount of (Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety) resources to catalogue and test marijuana held as evidence,” Robinson wrote in a memo. “The KDPS believes that enforcing the offense as an ordinance with a lower penalty and permitting issuance of an appearance ticket in lieu of making an actual custodial arrest will be a better use of law enforcement resources.”

He said Thursday the ordinance could not only save officers time, but could be a benefit to people who are arrested. Custodial arrests could take at least an hour between the arrest, transporting and processing. “A citation can probably be issued in 10 to 15 minutes,” he said.
. . .
The ordinance would parallel a state provision that someone who pleas guilty who has never been convicted of a controlled substance offense could be placed on probation and have the case dismissed upon completion of probation, without a conviction on his or her record. A person could only have one of these dismissals, Robinson wrote.

“This is in particular for young people who might have been arrested for the first time and they don’t want a black mark on their record in terms of getting a job,” Robinson said.
. . . .
Okay, so its not legalization, and yes, its a small step, but small steps add up. You can add to the change. Do something to help re-legalize the weed today. Join Join Help to bring about change.

There’s lots more to this story. Find it HERE.

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