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The two states which were first to embrace re-legalization are now viewed by their adjacent states as a potential source of the evil weed.  I certainly hope so.  Here’s a taste of how this issue is playing out.  Enjoy:

Keeping a lid on the weed is just one of the numerous challenges Washington state authorities and their counterparts in Colorado — where voters also legalized pot use — will face in the coming months.

The potential of regulatory schemes to keep pot from being diverted isn’t clear. Colorado already has intensive rules aimed at keeping its medical marijuana market in line, including the digital tracking of cannabis, bar codes on every plant, surveillance video and manifests of all legal pot shipments.

But law enforcement officials say marijuana from Colorado’s dispensaries often makes its way to the black market, and even the head of the Colorado agency charged with tracking the medical pot industry suggests no one should copy its measures.

The agency has been beset by money woes and had to cut many of its investigators. Even if the agency had all the money it wanted, the state’s medical pot rules are “a model of regulatory overreach,” too cumbersome and expensive to enforce, Laura Harris said in a statement.
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Having a neighboring state re-legalize just seems like a good idea to me. To ease these myriad problems, why don’t we all re-legalize at the same time? It is time, isn’t it?

Full, original post is HERE and it’s worth a read.

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