Advocating “Harm Reduction”

I believe that when a mainline institution like the Wall Street Journal regularly runs articles and editorials questioning the war on drugs, change is close.  I invite you to enjoy this small sample from an editorial suggesting that we admit the criminalization approach has failed and adopt, instead, an old idea called harm reduction.  “Legalizing possession and production would eliminate many of the problems related to drug dealing, but it would certainly worsen the problem of drug abuse. We could abolish the illicit market in cocaine, as we abolished the illicit market in alcohol, but does anyone consider our current alcohol policies a success?”
Later, we find, “Fortunately, there are things that we already know how to do that work demonstrably better than our current antidrug regime and avoid the predictably dire consequences of legalization. These practical measures can’t abolish drug abuse or the illicit markets, but they could shrink those problems to a manageable size. ”

I don’t agree with everything in this editorial, but I like parts of it. Greenies, the future is what we make it. We owe it to ourselves to understand these issues. It also helps our cause to know what you are talking about when speaking, arguing, and in discussions with the unenlightened. I encourage you to enjoy this original editorial, then add your thoughts both here and there. We need your input. It’s your future, too.

[image: Google images Wall Street Journal]

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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