Aeroponic PC Case Stealth Grow [81 Pics]

So as I promised, I am continuing my coverage of growing marijuana and various techniques. I have never grown in my life so I have no idea how to do it myself but I do know that the internet is a big place and if you search through the various weed forums around the web, you will find lots of grow journals.  Here is one that I really liked from international cannagraphic.  Here is what Aerohead had to say when he first embarked on this grow:

The all aluminum case is 24X24X8.5 for a total of 1.4 sq feet. The aero unit has a 2.5 gallon plexi res and is aerated by a whisper 700 air pump. A Beckett 200gph pump feeds 12 jet sprayers in between the 2″ net pots.

The lighting will be 3X 55w PL-L T5 biax tubes 2 3000k and 1 6400k for a total of 160 watts putting out over 14000 full spectrum lumens. The tubes will be sealed from the bloom area by plexi and silicon kinda like a flat cool tube. Two 60cfm blower fans on a speed control will pull air from the bloom area and force it through the lights and out the back. The intake will be passive and a single 120mm fan will keep the leaves dancing.

You can check out way more pics and info on the thread here. Enjoy these crazy pics:

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