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Ok so working at this Methodist hospital is really not for me. Today I had to transport a dead body to the morgue. The bodies are wrapped up in this thin white plastic stuff and you can see through the plastic so I could still see this guys face. Ugh. Then the body is still warm so thats not cool either.

Anyway, I usually try to sneak off somewhere to use a computer real quick so I can make updates to SportFiends and if I get caught I could potentially lose my job, see how much I love you guys? It sucks though because whenever someone says something to me, they always tell me to stop “playing around” on the computer. I’m not playing, I’m working.

As it is, I already feel like a slave the way they have the transporters running around this hospital and the way that we are treated by most of the doctors and other people who work here but then when they try to say that I can’t use the computer, it just reminds me of when they used to tell slaves that they couldn’t read. It is what it is though. I’m still here, still using the computers. I guess you can call me Kunta Kinte.

UFC is losing a bunch of it’s stars?  [Yahoo]

Isn’t Bill Crystal a little too old to be playing baseball? [Yahoo]

Isaac Bruce wants to wear #80 in San Fran, wasn’t there another guy that used to wear that number?  [Instant 49ers]

Larry Fitzgerald is still a Cardinal, did you really think they would let him go?  [ESPN]

Beckett has a bad back? [NY Times]

Moss’s charges are dropped, not guilty plus he’s filthy.  [AP]

Tyler Hansbroughs number is being retired?? Come on, isn’t a little premature for that?  They are going a little overboard.  [SI]

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