All Politics is Local: Pot Questions in the Emerald Triangle

John Myers, writing in Eureka’s Times-Standard, is discussing the question of whether local government should be looking to help local citizens or serve the federal government who offers money.  I direct you to his final paragraph:


The reality is that marijuana cultivation is going nowhere. The state of California voted for it and it’s here. State after state in the union is also falling, one state at a time. There is going to be no more prohibition, and to try to protect the jobs of those involved in marijuana eradication is ridiculous. Tax and regulate is the order of the day if they want cooperation. And the reality is that if it becomes a commodity to tax and regulate a lot of marijuana eradication jobs are going to be lost. The military industrial complex along with the war on drugs isn’t going to give in freely. This is about money and who’s getting it, it’s not about the environment, morality, or any other facade that the feds and soon to be out-of-work “war on drugs” employees would have us believe.

Original story is HERE.

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