Allen Iverson was made a starter on the All Star Team (rest of of the nation yawns)

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Well, just about every NBA fan has already heard that AI was made a starter on the Eastern Conference All Star team this year.  He’s only played 19 games so far this year and he’s not even sure he’ll play with a nagging knee injury, but at least he’s not Tracy McGrady.  McGrady, who is only averaging 3.3 points 0.8 rebounds and 1.o assists a game this year, was almost made a starter in the West.  If McGrady had gotten the nod over Steve Nash, all hell would have broken out in Phoenix and Stern might have actually had to look at the way all-star balloting works.

As it stands now, fans vote for the starters at each position, and the coaches in each conference vote for the reserves.  I don’t have a problem with this formula at all.  It’s a fuckin’ exhibition game, and if fans want to see Amar’e Stoudamire as a center then fine, they can have him (I still hate his eye protection).  If they want an aging AI, that’s fine too.  Non-basketball fans don’t care at all.  The McGrady thing was much more worrisome though.  Find out why after the jump.

It means that a lot of fans are looking at the ballot and just voting for names.  It’s why certain players never make it, and others make it all the time.  I don’t have the time, or the energy, to list all the great players left off the all the all star teams over the years, but I do know that there’s always a couple every year.  I’m actually surprised the continent of Asia didn’t vote Yao Ming as a Western Conference starter.  McGrady wouldn’t be able to play even if he made the team, at least he shouldn’t, and he’s been disappointing fans ever since he left his cousin in Toronto and signed with Orlando.  Thankfully, the basketball gods imposed their own kind of karma.

Iverson probably shouldn’t be on the team, but I’m glad he is.  No one brings more passion to the game, even now.  There’s a reason he is so beat up these days, it’s because he drove to the basket like a maniac for years and he can’t weigh much more than 160 lbs.  It’s really incredible that he’s lasted as long as he has.  Also, based entirely on his performance in the 2000-2001 season, I think he should be a starter as long as he wants.  Here are the starters.

Western Conference Starters

Guard Steve Nash 7th
Guard Kobe Bryant 12th
Forward Carmelo Anthony 3rd
Forward Tim Duncan 12th
Center Amar’e Stoudemire 5th

Eastern Conference Starters

Guard Allen Iverson 11th
Guard Dwyane Wade 6th
Forward LeBron James 6th
Forward Kevin Garnett 13th
Center Dwight Howard 4th

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