AM Toke: Alcohol is not the answer, it just makes you forget the question

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Good morning all. Sorry about taking yesterday off, had to attend to some business. I’m back to work today though. I may have to take some more time off in the upcoming weeks because I think I will be moving back to Jersey. Don’t know for sure yet but lets cross our fingers, I think I’ve had my fill of TexASS.

Here’s some links. You can get your links featured here (if they are good) by emailing me over at

Hello Alexis Lopez. Lets get to know each other. [Holy Taco]

You have to walk 10 miles to burn off the calories in just one big mac meal. [Attu World]

Looks like EA is gonna get it wrong again.  [Boston Herald]

A look at A-Rod’s New York apartment.  Not bad but if I was making that kind of money, my shit would be way flyer.  [Luxist]

Rihanna almost nude.  Not Really sure what she was thinking.  [City Rag]

Traci Bingham in a pink low cut top, one guess where I want to put my head.  [Hollywood Tuna]

Let George Bush know how you really feel about him. [Tasty Booze]

Good Morning Michelle Baena.  [Salty Milk]

The 5 Most injury plagued sports stars.  Greg Oden’s not alone.  [Complex]

The cutty buddy rules.  [Blogxilla]

Wacked out waffle toppings, that sound absolutely delicious.  [Asylum]

Some pretty fresh dunks for the ladies.  [Individual Sole]

This 5th grader knows how to land some big interviews, you’ve got a bright future kid.  [DC to BC]

Samuel L. Jackson will play Sho’Nuff…. That should be some funny shit.  [RTNY]

A bunch of cool vidz. [Illroots]

Dear Mr Obama video, this is pretty deep, if not very diluted.  [Sandra Rose]

Thats Gangsta. [BBI]

Two new Joe Budden and Coldplay tracks, you can’t go wrong with that. [2 Dope Boyz]

Vikki Blows knows how to ring in 2009.  [NS4W]

Veronica Becarra is uncoachable but definitely bedable.  [Uncoached]

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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