Amsterdam Jibblies – Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #15

In the latest video entry from Vancouver’s Marijuana Paranoia Management Service (MPMC), paranoia management coach, Bryan Basamanowicz, gives advice to a woman who’s two months away from a trip to Amsterdam and has recently been having trouble with “The Fear”


So I’ve been really upset lately that I haven’t been able to smoke weed without extreme panic attacks. My heart will start racing, colour will leave my sight/tunnel vision, ears start ringing and I feel like I’m passing out. This happened first about a year and a half ago and I haven’t been able to make it stop. I used to smoke everyday, bongs/pipes/joint/vapourizers and this happened first from a Bong. Since then even the smallest toke has made it happen and it doesn’t matter what mindset I’m in. I’m not able to talk my self out of it and honestly I can’t deal with the fear anymore. a few months ago it was so bad, that just thinking about the panic attacks even when I was sober would make me have one.

I’m going to Amsterdam in a few months and I don’t want to be in constant fear of even getting contact high.
Can you help?

MPMC Video Response-

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Author: Bryan Basamanowicz

Bryan Basamanowicz makes his living in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a Marijuana Paranoia Management Coach. He wrote a book on his practice-- you can check it out at ParanoidHuman.Com Follow Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching on twitter facebook

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