And on The Seventh Day God Said, “Let there be SUPER WEED”

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Image Via Bam Kapow

I know it’s ill manners to mix religious views with polite conversation but after hearing how God Med recently created a super medical marijuana pill I just HAD to tell somebody. Made from California Emerald Triangle outdoor-grown organic flowers the capsules are vegan. The medicinal benefits are then further enhanced by the addition of a special soy emulsifier. THC is thought to be an effective treatment for ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, many neurological movement disorders, fibromyalgia, brain tumors, incontinence, sleep apnea, and Tourette’s syndrome just to start with. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that can increase alertness and has been shown to relieve inflammation, anxiety, nausea and convulsions. It is also showing signs of possible effectiveness at inhibiting cancer and schizophrenia.

Steve Casebeer, founder of God Med, says his capsule’s potency levels are on the rise with 60 mg and 70 mg THC capsules expected in batches 2218 and 2219, respectively. These THC levels are twice as high as the level of THC in most competitors’ medical marijuana capsules.

Leave it to Californian’s to find a way to get super-man high while also being organic, Earth friendly and healthy!  Look for these pills to be available in parts of California where they are slated for release by end of summer. I’m curious as to know how this super weed will be received by the medical marijuana community. I may have to book me a trip to California for end of summer, you know, some research may be in order. Until next time, kids….

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Author: TRJ

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