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Well, as we all know, it’s legal in Michigan to inhale the marijuana weed smoke for medical purposes.  Even with it’s legislation legalizing medical marijuana, Michigan isn’t exactly a hot-bed of liberal thought.  So the story you’re about to read after the jump shouldn’t be surprising.  Basically, a Wal Mart in Michigan is screwing some poor soul out of a paycheck because they like to get high.

Marijuana is legal in Michigan, but a lot of companies still do mandatory drug testing for their employees, which they have every right to do.  So where does that leave the patients who are legally using marijuana and are also getting drug tested?  One company has already solved the riddle.  Via

Now that medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, can an employer fire a worker who tests positive for the drug?  WalMart says it can, so it did. ‘I was terminated because I failed a drug screening,’ says former WalMart employee Joseph Casias.

Well, maybe Joseph Casias was a terrible employee?  “In 2008, Casias was the Associate Of The Year at the WalMart store in Battle Creek, despite suffering from sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor.”  Whoops!  Guess not.

Casias, never used pot before work, “‘No, I never came to work under the influence, never,’ he says,” and he never missed a day in 5 years.  Here is the statement Walmart issued:

In states, such as Michigan, where prescriptions for marijuana can be obtained, an employer can still enforce a policy that requires termination of employment following a positive drug screen. We believe our policy complies with the law and we support decisions based on the policy.

But the man never missed a day of work, never used before work, even though he had sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor.  He EVEN WON ASSOCIATE OF THE YEAR.  If I were Walmart, I would be giving that guy a plaque and more days off.  Not firing him.  It gets even worse.

Casias had been collecting unemployment since he was terminated in November (something every blogger is familiar with), but that might not last, “WalMart is challenging his eligibility for benefits.”

I would say boycott Walmart, but they’re just too big.  If you are an active HMJ reader and toker, just go to Sam’s Club or some other derivative if you need 45 pounds of Mayo.

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