Any Dealers Want a Mustang from an Idiot?

A recent ad on Craigslist is offering a 5.0 Mustang for 2 lbs of marijuana.  The above picture is not the mustang in question.  In what is obviously a case of police entrapment, a man in San Francisco wants to trade his Mustang for weed because of leg pain.  He says that doctors won’t give him a marijuana card, so he’s turning to Craigslist for help.  Read on to find out where he (ahem police) went wrong.

The anonymous ad even mentions that 2 lbs translates into 454 grams (for all you Europeans out there).  This isn’t true.  1 lb=16 ounces.  There is a little over 28 grams in an ounce (approximately 28.35).  That means a little under 454 grams (which is too say, he is only gonna give you 1 pound).  That isn’t even the best part.  No that distinction goes to the tags associated with the entreaty:

“keywords: purp, weed, marijuana, kush, haze, northern lights, sour diesel, rasberry kush, strawberry kush, grapes, THC, medical marijuana, bone thugs n harmony, bob marley, tupac, lil troy, BIGGIE, mac dre”

I say it’s obviously being run by police because of all the marijuana buzz words in the tags.  “Purp” might as well be perp as this is a new low for Bay Area police.

Here it is via Gawker.

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Author: Tyrel

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