ArcView Group is one of the biggest investors in the cannabis industry

The ArcView group has received national coverage for its work with investors and entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis industry. ArcView gives small business a chance to grow and collaborate, with other professionals, to help the job market in cannabis expand.   Every offering business has access to a mentoring program, led by Arcview’s full-time Chief Mentor Francis Priznar.  Mr. Priznar is one of the most prized entrepreneurs in the business and has invested into various cannabis companies, spending every waking moment to aid the cannabis industry.

“The companies that have come through Arcview have raised more than $76 million from Arcview’s 550+ high net-worth Investor Members.”

Business investors in the cannabis industry are only growing and ArcView does a great job, giving back to the cannabis community, creating greater chances of  opportunity to succeed.

Arcview hosts weekly pitch webinars and five in-person Arcview Investor Pitch Forums each year. Qualifying companies will be in the running for a $50,000 investment at the next five forums. The winner of the investment will be decided by the ratings of Arcview’s investor members.*

If you think your company has what it takes to be selected to participate, please tell us about your company to the level you are comfortable to the right. We will be in touch about possible next steps.

Note that to qualify to pitch Arcview you must be beyond the idea phase and have an actual business with financial projections, a pitch deck, etc. If you are a great entrepreneur but aren’t quite far enough along for Arcview, you might be a good fit for Arcview’s partner accelerator, Canopy.

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