Are Madonna and Alex Rodriguez an item?

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Ok so this is a little unusual but ever since I started blogging for a living, a lot of things don’t surprise me anymore. According to OK! Magazine, Alex Rodriguez may be getting down with Madonna. The near 50 year pop icon has been having trouble in her marriage and it is rumored that she might be getting a divorce from her husband of 8 years Guy Richie but would she go for a younger guy like A-Rod?

I dunno… seems fishy but lets look at their evidence:

One thing this pair has in common is their love of a good workout! Last October, Madonna and A-Rod were spotted working up a sweat at Reebok Sports Club NY in Manhattan. Months later, the sports hero attended the singer’s charity Raising Malawi, where Madonna reportedly introduced him to her unimpressed 11-year old daughter Lourdes.

Then, in May, A-Rod attended the singer’s show at NYC’s Roseland Ballroom, and partied with her afterwards at The Box nightclub until early morning.

Oh wow! That is really concrete evidence, you can’t argue with that. I’d say that A-Rod is probably a fan of Madonna’s and maybe even had a crush on her like 20 years ago but if he really is going for her, more power to him. I for one happen to love older women. Any cougars reading this, shoot me an email. 😛

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Author: Lenny

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