Arizona Uses Medical Marijuana Profit To Improve Program

The medical marijuana industry means big money for the state that operates it. We’ve hypothesized on this forever but for concrete proof look no further than the state of Arizona.

Recently the Arizona Department of Health Services will spend a little of $1.2 million on improvements to the state’s medical marijuana program making changes to hire private accountants & auditors to keep an eye on dispensary financial statements, hire private attorneys to help the department work thru legal issues that arise, train dispensary staff, and weed out physicians who submit ineligible patients into the program.

Arizona pulled in about $9.3 million in medical marijuana-related fees from just cardholders & dispensary applicants in 2011 when the program was fully underway. After spending close to $2.5 million on logistics and associated running fees there is about $6 million sitting in the fund.

Since medical marijuana was voted into action in 2010, Arizona granted about 31,000 patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, and cancer access to the MMJ program.

Arizona Republic

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Author: Blake

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