Armilon™ Capsule: A pipe for your pocket

When I am on the move, I am always trying to think of a better way to carry a pipe without worrying. Is it going to fall out of my pocket and break? Is it going to smell after I use it? What if I don’t finish what’s in there and want to save it for later? These are just some of the usual problems that the Armilon Capsule Pipe has solved. Their mission statement explains how they strive for excellence, which they seem to have achieved with the Capsule Pipe.

Armilon™ — a modern product developer dedicated solely around the concepts of uniting cutting-edge designed simplicity into one. Innovative thinking and ingenuity is fundamental factor in realizing the importance of creating the perfect products for today and on.

Armilon’s Capsule Pipe is definitely a great on-the-go piece. It is made up of four precisely engineered parts, including the Chill Stem, SePUREaton Chamber, DrawFORCE Filter and Diffuser Lift-Bowl. Each of the pieces are made of a lightweight, yet sturdy billet aluminum to ensure that isn’t broken when dropped. The pipe will also last for years to come without fear of rust or degradation due to the high grade materials its made from.

It starts as a small, inconspicuous capsule that is airtight. The Capsule can be hit in “Quick Mode” by only extending the DrawFORCE Chamber, or you can extend the Chill Stem as well for a more comfortable experience. The Lift-Bowl’s design also keeps the Capsule from getting clogged, as normal hand pipes have the tendency to do. As an added bonus, which you are not able to do with some hand pipes, you can put it in the freezer for a cold Capsule experience, too!



Armilon™ has built the Capsule Pipe with a Self-Interlocking-System that is used in it’s SePUREation Chamber, which keeps the mouthpiece and the filter together. The O-rings inside the chamber give the Capsule an airtight seal, as well as the smooth sliding action between the pieces when extending and retracting. The Chill Stem even has grooves on the tip, which allow it to lock into place when extending the piece fully.  The removable Lift-Bowl allows for easy access to scoop your material into it before locking it back into the pipe. Its design allows a uniform burning of your material while extracting large particles so they don’t end up in your mouth. This helps to also diffuse and cool the smoke before entering the SePUREation Chamber, where even more tiny particles are removed and the smoke is cooled even more. And if you aren’t able to finish all of what you’ve placed in the Lift-Bowl, the pipe also allows you to close the pipe with whatever is in the bowl without the fear of smell or spill.

The logo etched on the outside is a nice touch, and is also what I used to help me keep track of where the bowl was while the pipe is retracted. Cleaning is super simple as well. Just pull each of the pieces apart, grab some warm soapy water and use a wet towel to wipe all the dirt away. If you need a deep clean, the Capsule Pipe is also dishwasher safe.


Capsule pipe seperated into its 4 pieces for cleaning
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Capsule pipe seperated into 4 pieces for cleaning


The Capsule is definitely a great on-the-go pipe. It is sturdy, versatile and easy to manage. The ability to pack your material and conceal it for later consumption is an amazing bonus. The filter end does get a bit warm with constant use, as with any hand pipe, but is better than most metal ones I have used in the past. It is nice and compact for easy pocket storage or to be easily throw in the glovebox of your car while on the move. Armilon™ has achieved their mission statement with their Capsule Pipe by creating a product that is simple and effective while being insightful enough to include small details to make their piece that much better. I would suggest this pipe for anyone who needs a small yet powerful hand pipe that can be used and abused.  


Be sure to check back regularly for more product reviews by HMJ. If you have any questions about any products I have reviewed, please feel free to comment and I will help as best I can!

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Author: Jason

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