At least 800 Scientists say: Cannabis Can Kick Cancer’s Ass

Actually it’s the cannabinoids  (the chemicals in cannabis) that fight cancer cells. In the past nine years, there have been over 20 major studies that these cannabanoids actually arrest cancer growths of many different forms of cancer, including brain, melanoma and breast cancer.  There is  evidence that cannabinoids cause direct anti-tumor activity.

The side effects associated with cannabis, compared with all other current drug therapies, is classified as “low risk”.

 You’d think that if 800 well respected Scientists concur that indeed, cannabis does have medicinal value, our Federal Government would support it’s medical use and further research, but sadly they are not. The greatest danger associated with medical marijuana is its illegality.

What can the governemt do to show it’s citizens that are stricken with illnesses such as cancer, MS and Chron’s Disease? Reschedule and decriminalize Marijuana (Cannabis) would be a great start! Did you know that it’s because of cannabinoid research that scientists know how cancers develop? These facinating cannabinoids exhibit  anti-tumor properties and inhibit tumor growth.  It’s chemical co-partner,  THC has shown to eradicate malignant brain tumors, prolong life. Prolonging LIFE! That’s HUGE people! Yet, the DEA still classifies cannabis as having no medicinal use.

Medical cannabis, has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for many conditions,until we created pot prohibition in 1937. Here it is 2011 and as we make progress with medical marijuana laws, new uses and treatments are being discovered and a whole new quality is emerging. Now growers are growing specific strains and altering the THC/CBD ratios geared to treat specific ailments and conditions. Medical cannabis without the typical “buzz”. Until we have fully legalized marijuana, we won’t necessarily get the professional research required to make great medicine. Cannabinoids actually have a great safety record, especially compared to other therapeutically active substances .  Contrary to conservative beliefs, the consumption of marijuana, regardless of quantity or potency, cannot induce a fatal overdose!

 According to a 1995 review prepared for the World Health Organization, “There are no recorded cases of overdose fatalities attributed to cannabis, and the estimated lethal dose for humans extrapolated from animal studies is so high that it cannot be achieved by … users.” Most of us marijuana and cannabis smokers have knowwn this forever, so why doesn’t the government “get it” too?

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