Australia MMJ Clinical Trials Expanding

Australia is commencing clinical trials of medical marijuana.  And lots of people want in.


Ever since the New South Wales Premier Mike Baird announced a $9 million clinical trial of medicinal cannabis in December, he has been inundated with pleas from families in similar predicaments, begging for a similar trial to be conducted in Queensland. After being moved by the plight of the people, Health Minister of Queensland Cameron Dick just confirmed that Queensland will be joining New South Wales and Victoria in conducting new clinical trials. These trials could set the groundwork for medical cannabis[.]

More detail:

Adam Koessler was arrested in January after allegedly supplying cannabis oil to his two-year-old daughter Rumer Rose, who is suffering neuroblastoma. She is being treated aggressively with chemotherapy in a Brisbane hospital, and Mr Koessler said the oil alleviated the side-effects.

He is facing charges of supplying dangerous drugs to a minor and possessing dangerous drugs, and is currently raising funds to pay for legal and living costs. Mr Koessler;s support team – whose comments he endorses – posted on his Facebook page that they welcomed the news, but said a trial could waste time.

“These trials have been done extensively in other countries and rather than making people wait years for the results of Australian trials, people should be given the right to choose their own treatment without fear of prosecution,” read the post.

“So many people already know that medical cannabis can save lives and improve quality of life alongside conventional treatments. This is a wonderful start but this is far from adequate.

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