Salty v. Sweet: What’s Your Preference?

Here’s an interesting story about edible products and whether “savory” can take a place beside “sweet” on the grocer’s shelf.  Tasty.   Colorado’s medical marijuana market featured pasta sauces and even pizza during the industry’s early days in 2010. But as the state’s regulatory bodies gained power over the industry, these products quickly went away. […]

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angry cop

Breaking Badge

Bad cop story out of Washington.    As required by the City of Seattle, the SPD recently published its first biannual report relating to marijuana enforcement. The report is designed to provide another level of oversight for marijuana enforcement in our city and flag anomalies or outliers in enforcement. When reviewing data captured for this […]

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Illinois Expands Still-Being-Created MMJ

Here’s a vote of confidence.  In Illinois a mmj program still in the planning stages has been expanded.   The first dispensaries in Illinois won’t open until next year, but the state has already made a major decision in their favor. Earlier this week, Illinois officially added seizure disorders – including epilepsy – to the […]

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The Differences Between Rec & MMJ Consumers

Here’s another topic you can study before re-legalization gets to your street. The rec customer is different from your medical marijuana consumer. Here’s a hit:   The same general business principles of running a medical cannabis facility apply, such as ensuring efficient production, operating during consistent hours and offering a large selection. But there are […]

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Las Vegas Wants MMJ

There were plenty of applicants in Las Vegas as mmj approaches.   Las Vegas received 63 applications for medical cannabis business licenses by Wednesday’s deadline, according to an official with the city. Most of of them came in at the eleventh hour, mirroring the last-minute rush in Clark County. As the 3 p.m. deadline approached, […]

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Congress Returns to Cannabis’ Banking Problem

Another move by the U.S. House of Representatives to help the emerging cannabis industry.   A majority of members of the US House of Representatives voted last week in favor of an amendment that restricts the Treasury Department’s ability to take action against financial institutions that possess relations with businesses engaged in state-sanctioned activities specific […]

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Thieves v. MMA Store Clerk = Cosmic Justice

Here’s some rough cosmic justice.  A store clerk looks up and one of his customers is being mugged.  Did I mention the clerk is a MMA fighter?  

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Going Home to a Rocky Mountain High

Here’s a sample of a longer story about going home to now-re-legal Colorado.  Do I have any vacation days left?   I bought a gram of the innocent-sounding Blackberry sativa and another of Afghani indica, each enough to fill a small prescription bottle for $16.89 apiece (plus a hefty 18 percent tax), along with a […]

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Oregon Enlists for Second Wave

The first wave of cannabis re-legalization was Colorado and Washington.  The second wave is forming.  Alaska, which stepped up a few days back, has now been joined by Oregon.   Is your state next?   Oregon voters will get another shot at legalizing recreational marijuana. The state announced Tuesday that advocates submitted enough signatures to qualify […]

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NY Times Calls for End to Cannabis Prohibition

For a long, long time the influential New York Times has been a staunch supporter of cannabis prohibition.  No longer.  Now they are one of us.  Here’s a sample of how things have changed.   It took 13 years for the United States to come to its senses and end Prohibition, 13 years in which […]

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