Video: Washington Wizards’ John Wall’s Alley-Oop Play

  Washington Wizards’ John Wall converts the alley-oop play with the unbelievable reverse layup.

Could Marijuana Policy Project Hinder Oregon’s 2014 Legalization Chances?

Reviewing a new poll from Oregon that shows public support for a 2014 vote on marijuana legalization and how Marijuana PolicyProject’s implementation of a SAFER-style campaign could harm chances for legalization from the legislature.

Video: NBA Best of Bloopers Reel

Check out the funniest moments of a wacky month in the NBA as we bring you the best of the bloopers from the month of March

NASA Scientists Develops Marijuana Grow System

Higher than any man has ever been before. NASA scientists develops DIY marijuana grow system.

Video: Clippers Clinch 1st Division Title In Franchise History

Check out some of the highlights from the Clippers historic win on Sunday over Kobe Bryant & the Lakers as they clinched their first division title in the 42-year history of the franchise!

Addiction Expert Claims To Be Pro-Cannabis Legalization

An addiction expert claims to support a reform of our country’s current drug policy.

Video: Nightly Highlights From The NBA

Check out the ten best plays from around the NBA from this Sunday with the latest edition of the Top 10 Plays of the Night.

Washington Bar Forced To Stop Allowing Marijuana Consumption On Premises

Bars attempting to allow marijuana consumption on their premises have been forced to stop permitting people to puff the good stuff.

Video: NBA Highlights

  Take a look around the league and check out the highlights from all the action this Sunday in the NBA with the latest edition of Nightly Highlights as the Clippers look to secure their first division title in the 42-year history of the franchise!

Video: NBA Steals Of The Month

  We are checking out the top 10 NBA steals from the month of March. Toke on and don’t double-dabble, puff, puff, pass the glob swab!

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