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Nice People Really do Take Drugs

I find that stoners are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever come across, which makes me incredibly happy to see a campaign like this being put into action. In an effort to alter the negative image behind illict drug use into a more positive light, this nonprofit organization based in the UK… Read more »

It’s Time to Throw in the Towel

The Netherlands seems to realize the truth behind this unnecessary drug war, but even when it’s in black and white and plain English the U.S. still won’t call it quits.

Leading by Example

This war on drugs in the U.S., which focuses mainly on marijuana, has time and time again proven to be nothing more than a big waste of time and money. A jury in Missoula County, Montana is proof to this fact. Last week in Montana a group of jurors, who were chosen to sit in on… Read more »

No warrant, No entry

This doormat sure has gotta stick it to the man. Or at least give you some time to get rid of your stash before the cops bust into your place. Buy one here.

Down, but not Out

Is it just me, or does it seem like lately the U.S. has been moving backwards in regards to marijuana legalization ? I mean, Prop. 19 didn’t pass, Illinois’ Medical Marijuana Bill was denied, the future of New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana program isn’t looking too well, Willie’s gettin’ busted, Red Man’s gettin’ busted. The only… Read more »

Truth or D.A.R.E. ?

This month’s special  issue of The Nation magazine is dedicated entirely, much like HMJ, to the lovely Ms. Jane. Be sure to cop a copy when it drops on the 27th or visit their site here. The cover, which was designed by Stephen King, isn’t the only thing worth reading. It’s got more than a dozen… Read more »

No More Easy Going in The Netherlands

Dutch Coffee Shop Menu It’s every stoners dream to, at some point in their lives, take a nice, long trip to The Netherlands, walk into one of the coffee shops, and smoke a fat blunt for everyone to see free from any paranoia. Now on the other hand, it’s every stoners biggest nightmare to wake… Read more »