B Gold Couture…..Home Grown and Organic Style Straight from NYC

There is always that one person in a cypher that talks of big dreams and their plans to be above and beyond whatever is the here and now.
But it takes more than simply having a dream; they may have the right idea, the proper skill set, and the intelligence.

But that means nothing, some people just don’t know how to make opportunities happen for themselves.

We all wonder ‘what does it take’ to go farther and we all tell ourselves that we have that special ‘it’ that makes us special.

But who do you know that has become the one to separate themselves from the land of the pipe dreamers and make themselves into the stuff of legend?

Yeah, we may all know the dreamer, and some of us are happy to just hold on to our dreams, and others….they go on to become that person who inspires a whole new generations of stories involving the almighty ‘but, he did it’.

B. Gold Couture is the name of a New York based clothing company that is becoming the hottest buzz about the couture fashion world.

Begot of organic materials, hand crafted pieces and bold and imaginative design you’ll have a hard time denying the appeal of the luxury mixed with the tongue in cheekiness of that New Yorker attitude.

I found myself touching the hem of garments in competition with other hem touching Christmas shoppers when I previewed their line during the Yelp, I Shop Local event in December, you can check out the photos here if you missed it.

Their event, which was manned by my business partner and good friend, M. Garcia, became an event within an event.

I wonder if the public was the least bit surprised to find several European super models (who were just hanging out to support!) mixing with the people waiting on line to sample the open bar (excuse me, they’re serving liquor?) or take pictures in the on site photo booth (we’re all stars here!).

The irony of B. Gold is exactly what makes it a dope clothing company; they created a brand that delivers the traditional taste of luxury of high end apparel but without the classism, corporate markup and exploitation.

This isn’t what you’ve been used to seeing on the run way or in the business side of the fashion industry.

B. Gold Couture is what you WANT to see on the runway.

And you’ll want to see it on your girl’s silhouette and probably even on yourself.

What’s even better than wanting to cop these clothes is that the pricing makes their version of designer luxury clothes availability to nearly anyone.

B. Gold has kept price points in mind without scrimping on quality or construction.

No longer is the public left with unfulfilled dreams of wanting to treat themselves to quality clothing otherwise known as ‘high end’ (read: expensive/exclusive and unobtainable) fashion.

Using locally manufactured garments, labor and supplies B Gold is cultivating opportunities for small business people, artists, designers and other professionals while also being green and socially responsible.

“Organically manufactured” doesn’t necessarily refer to the high quality materials and care put into each hand made garment, rather, organic also applies to the nature in which B Gold has chosen to function as a company.

While other businesses stumbled, stretch and lurch through their business operations while trying to remain relevant and profitable. B. Gold is not only growing a profitable company, he’s also providing jobs, reinforcing community and representing for the minority, small business and rouge members of commerce that choose to find methods that work for all involved.

Use of a hands on day to day management and a scaled down businesses operations system make it easier for a business to determine the need to change direction.

B Gold’s use of local colleagues and a vast network of professionals both in and out of the fashion industry creates a network of people that span beyond the routine.

This was not done by accident, as someone who is socially aware and cognizant of the allure of the unreachable, Bartholomew Gold never forgot being one of the dreamers which is why his OWS inspired shirt is being offered at a special price for readers of HMJ.

Who hasn’t spent time in the cypher and dreamed of creating a whole new world…..cop a shirt to remind yourself that anything is possible.


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Follow them on Twitter for behind the scenes information from the entire team, models, photographers and the rest of the B Gold movement. The 2012 Clothing Line Preview can be seen here but be sure to add their Youtube Channel and keep up with all of the buzz going on about them since their debut at Fashion Week.

As a special for our beloved Greenies is showing anyone love when they purchase a limited edition B Gold t-shirt. A part of the proceeds will be donated to the Occupy Wall Street movement; we have to each the rich before they eat us!


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Author: TRJ

Political pondering as seen through a smoky purple hazed shade. A poet and provocateur who won't remember how and why I may have offended you yesterday...so please refrain from complaining. I love the kids; nature and I promote peace and humanity as mush as I can when not fighting domestic terrorist aka 'The Man'.

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