Baby Found High On Weed On His First Birthday

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A one year old baby was found to be high on marijuana after his parents noticed that he was lethargic and somewhat unresponsive. I love weed and all but this is not cool.

Vacaville police arrested Jonathan Velasquez Sr., 29, on Tuesday on suspicion of child endangerment for the Oct. 11 incident. The Police Department’s Family Investigative Response Services Team and Solano Child Welfare Services investigated and discovered the infant either inhaled or ingested enough marijuana to require immediate medical attention, Sgt. Charlie Spruill said.

Valasquez is the baby’s father, Sacramento-area TV station Fox 40 reported.

The boy was exposed to the marijuana while he was with Velasquez either at a south Vacaville residence or at a park where the boy’s birthday was to be held on Oct. 11, police said. Velasquez left the child at the house and headed to the park to get ready for the birthday party, Spruill said.

The boy’s mother and other relatives were sure there was something wrong with the baby. They thought he had the flu because he was acting tired and unresponsive. They took him to UC Davis Hospital, where they learned the ugly truth — the baby was high.

“We don’t know whether he ingested or inhaled it.” Spruill said. “It happened within minutes.”

I guess the dad wanted to give the baby a not so memorable first birthday but it just landed him in jail. Wait till the kids are old enough to smoke to get them high please.

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