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ash gets the crowd hiiiiiiigh.
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This article was contributed by a new writer you are going to see around here. She goes by L D Green. You can follow her on twitter here.

As April 20th marked the most anticipated holiday, for Asher Roth and his many college crazed fans, 4/20 gave rise to a new slice of bread. I began my happy.hungry.sleepy week by ‘Blunt Cruisin’ to eat up the tracks off ‘Asleep in the Bread Aisle’. Unwrapping the non-cellophane, twistable packaging, I read the whimsically named tracklist. Listening to the rhyme schemes, I was sent on a nostalgaic rollercoaster, while laughing and rolling plastic in perfect synchronized timing–everything about the C.D. is rhythmically sound.

As for the skeptics, hip-hop will forever and always be about the music–about what you portray and how you carry yourself and what is truth. Some say Asher has nothing wrong in his immediate life; sure he hasn’t lived a life of abuse behind his mother’s narcissistic disease (Eminem), but like many upper-middle-class Americans, he feels the constraints and corruptions that surround and impede our society every day.

He doesn’t rap about ‘boats and hoes’ or about slangin’ drugs, but what is real to him, is real and relevant to a lot of us. He may make quirky references about Miss Muffett, but he also opposes the glamarazzi-esque raps of Lil’ Wayne’s ‘A Millie’ provoking audiences to think about the current economic situation we all live with, “A million here, a million there, yeah, you got a mill, but for real, dog, no body cares. If, if you don’t share, don’t donate to charity children who can barely eat, no shoes on their feet, we don’t see, we don’t read, we don’t really need to, self-centered humans be the root of all evil.”

For Asher, and the rest of the Roth Boys–including DJ Wreckineyez, the talented vinyl-trickster with a funky spin, they are living life and taking it all in. It isn’t that they’ve fallen short of hip-hop hall of fame, but the bread is still baking, and it smells damn good.

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Author: L D Green

fro fa sho.

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