Baron Davis and Steve Nash Don’t Own Mirrors

Here is a very unusual pic of the former NBA MVP Steve Nash and the new Clipper Baron Davis having a gay old time riding a tandem bicycle dressed like it’s 1985.  Is that the new style in Southern California?? If so I’ll be sure to make sure I skip the trip out there.

Where could they possibly be going dressed like this? It’s obviously not to pick up chicks, unless those chicks happen to be from Saved By the Bell or something.

Here’s the readers email who submitted the pic over at Barstool Sports….

Long time reader, first time submitter.

You want to know why the Clippers and Suns will never beat the Celtics? Because Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett are in the gym doing box squats, shuttle runs, and plyometrics until they puke – then they do some more. Baron Davis and Steve Nash, on the other hand, are busy renting a tandem bicycle and cruising around Santa Monica pier together while dressed up like extras from the Cosby Show and Weekend at Bernies. I don’t even know where to begin with this picture I just took. Someone help me make sense of this ridiculousness…the only explanation I’m willing to accept is that they were participating in some sort of performance art project. Even still, this is worse than the prospect of seeing Paul Pierce rollerskating down Storrow Drive rocking neon Vaurnet wraparounds, a Lycra singlet, and a fannypack.

If anyone figures out where they were headed dress like clowns, shoot me an email @

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  1. Lenny June 4, 2009 at 16:16

    Yeah you're right and it was a funny skit. When I first discovered this pic, I just thought it was crazy… lol… thanks for the comment!

  2. Kierra Pearson June 3, 2009 at 17:40

    omg lighten up on baron and steve nash they are both great basketball playersand the only reason the did this was becuz they made a video for it's a site were celebritys snd regular ppl compete against each other to see if they can beat each other at certain things but in there case they were seeing if the could ave the best comic skit and your rite they cant beat boston becuz boston is far to good of a team

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