Basic Bong Usage Tips

Bongs are increasingly becoming one of the most popular forms of smoking herb. They are practical, look the part and definitely give you a large hit if that is what you desire! But there are also other underlying benefits why people may choose to use them, perhaps some reasons that smokers are not even aware of. People will use bongs as they are actually the healthiest form of smoking weed – better than any other method. You can see examples of bongs for sale at HerbTools.

When smoking through a bong, the water placed in the chamber acts as a filter. The smoke will enter through the water where it will then be pushed back out the pipe. Therefore when this happens, there is a varied temperature in the smoke when it enters and leaves the water pipe. When lit at the end of the bowl, the temperature of your burning herb will reach up to 600 degrees. As it passes through the water, it is significantly cooled by up to an estimated 50%. When the smoke reaches your lungs, it will therefore be around 300 degrees. Your standard joint is therefore giving off some extremely hot smoke! The benefits are clear here that if you smoke using a bong, you will be experiencing your smoke at cooler rates therefore causing less damage to your lungs.

Like any form of smoking, the combustion will produce some harmful compounds. But one huge benefit of using water pipes is that the water can trap up to 60% of harmful toxins that would otherwise get inhaled! Smoking weed is also proven to not have as many cancer causing toxins which are present in a cigarette, therefore when these are filtered through water the amount is decreased further.

Bongs are a great experience to smoke from as they also offer enhancements to improve your herb smoking experience. You could for example put ice in your bong to get a really cool and less harsh smoke. The ice can either be placed into the water chamber or can sit on the ice notches if your bong has this feature. The ice will act as a condenser in the water which allows more to enter your lungs and gets you more high. There are other accessories you can also use to customise your smoking experience. For example, ash catchers, diffusers, percolators and pre-coolers. Using a diffuser causes an air whirl and produces little bubbles that cool down the smoke.

Another aspect of smoking marijuana through a bong is you will notice that sometimes if you haven’t cleaned your pipe in a while, the glass will be a yellowy black tinge. This is a build-up of toxins which have been filtered out through the smoke and stuck to the glass. Without using bongs, more harmful toxins would be entering your lungs and cause further long term health effects. Not to worry as this is easy to clean and will not damage your bong!

Smokers will often find it preferable to use their water pipe as it is a lot easier. When stoned and tired, the effort of rolling a joint could be compared with climbing a mountain! Bongs are so much more simple – just grind your herb, put it in the bowl, fill it with water and you’re off! Just make sure you have a lighter handy so you don’t have to spend loads of time searching!

Also, for a more experienced toker you may find the hit of a joint to not pack enough power. Bongs are preferable here again as they can deliver up to 20x or more smoke per toke. The way the bong can produce more smoke will mean a bigger and better high for you.

So smoking your herb through a bong has a lot of positives that you probably were not even aware of. When you weigh up the benefits it just makes sense to utilize this popular smoking tool. Getting hold of one is really quick and easy, you can buy a bong online or just visit a bong store and enjoy browsing through hundreds of different types!

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Author: HMJ Staff

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