Being a crazy fan can get you paid… well

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When you think about what kind of careers would be cool if only you could paid to do them certain ones that immediately come to mind. Careers like being the guy that tests new female “talent” for porn careers, medical marijuana tester, or being that guy that moves the chains at football games would be great but Cameron Hughes’ job is right up there.

Get this, professional teams pay this guy to come to their games, act crazy and cheer excessively for the home team. This guy gets booked for many different teams across different sports. How does one go about getting a job like this??

“I’m that guy—the funny, happy, dancing, possibly very drunk guy you’ve seen at the ballpark at least once,” says Hughes, adding that he himself never drinks on the job unless you count the three Red Bulls he downs as a pre-game ritual.

Baseball teams like the Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Dodgers pay him an average of $2,000 a game to do his thing, as do N.B.A. teams like the L.A. Lakers and New Orleans Hornets and N.H.L. teams like the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs. All told, he works about 80 to 90 major- and minor-league games a year, and difficult as it may be to believe, Hughes makes a comfortable six-figure salary just by being a crazy sports fan.

It’s very surprising that teams actually pay people to do things like this but I guess anything is possible if people can make careers posting pics of half naked bitches on blogs all day… :-D.

[Portfolio via The Big Lead]

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Author: Lenny

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