Better Late Than Never [Countdown to Cali]

HMJ has been a wild ride. I am really glad to have all of you on board for this journey. The other day I made a post about Cali announcing that I would be leaving in 25 days but that number was just recently reduced to 10.


I will be going out there staying with a friend temporarily so that I can find a place and it is rapidly approaching. I did not blog the last two days and I have no excuse for not doing that but everyday from now to takeoff you will hear from me with updates on my goals and I booked my flight the other night and I saw a flight to Cali with the right price.

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I took it as a sign that this is meant to be. Here is the update on my goals:

Goal #1 – Write on HMJ everyday

Obviously I skipped after day 1 but I am back on it and I won’t fall off again.

Goal #2 – Quit Smoking Cigarettes once and for all

I am on my last pack. With 10 days left my goal is to have 5 consecutive days with no cigarettes. The most difficult time is those first 3 days. When I get past that it will be a lot easier. It still will be difficult my willpower and faith is so strong right now I don’t think anything can stop me from accomplishing the goals I need to get done

Goal #3 – Drivers license

Going to the DMV tomorrow to find out what I need to do to get it back. I know I have crazy fines so I am beginning to brace myself now.

More updates soon.

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Author: Lenny

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