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Astronaut, Playboy photographer, editor at Vogue: whatever vocations are on your personal list of dream jobs, make room, because "pot critic" just became a real thing. Westword, an alt-weekly newspaper out in Denver, has hired one "William Breathes" to judge the quality of the city's medical cannabis and the dispensaries which sell it.

Breathes (it's not his real name, and is almost certainly a Phish reference) examines the grow quality of different bud he finds at dispensaries in the area, as well as the atmosphere and staff he encounters on his trips. He has been self-medicating for a stomach ailment for some time and seems to be young-ish, but many of the 100,000+ Colorado residents with medical marijuana cards are geriatric and may feel uncomfortable walking into a place in a bad neighborhood wallpapered with velvet posters and blasting the Disco Biscuits in its waiting room. The 300 dispensaries in Denver should offer something for everyone though, and Breathes describes the location, layout, pricing and of course the MM products from the ones he selects for review.

The weed reviews themselves are accompanied by photos of the buds, wax, etc. the author has purchased that week, along with pricing and info on how it looked, smelled, felt and smoked. It's a standardized system throughout his columns, and as clear and concise as any largely subjective review process can be.

Fired up to read more? Just green with envy? A list of his reviews and other articles can be found here.

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  • John Lewis Sales

    What a terrible career switching ??

  • ZekWoo

    Sounds like a way cool job to me dude.

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  • Steve Elliott

    Breathes is the first, but not the only marijuana reviewer paid by a national chain. I've been reviewing marijuana and dispensaries for the Seattle Weekly since February 2011.

  • jeff conrad

    Hire me as a neighboring out of state reviewer