Birthing Pains in Re-Legal Canada

Canada is going to re-legalize cannabis.  How’s that going?


The federal government has promised to introduce legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in the spring of 2017. However, it could be some time before Canadians can purchase recreational pot. The legislation must pass through Parliament, and regulations have to be drafted. A couple of recent government reports estimate that marijuana could be on sale “as early as January 2018.”

The task force is studying a wide range of questions: Who should be allowed to grow, distribute and sell marijuana? How will it be taxed? How can the government ensure its quality, safety and potency and mitigate the health risks, especially for young people? What restrictions should be placed on packaging and advertising? Should Canadians be able to grow their own? Will edible products such as cookies and candy be allowed? How about potent products with a high percentage of THC, the psychoactive component of pot? What age limit will apply for purchasing?

Canadians have a lot to say on those subjects. The task force received nearly 30,000 responses to an online questionnaire. Nearly 300 organizations made submissions, from medical authorities to cannabis growers.

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Next, facts on the ground.

The Cannabis Culture dispensary in downtown Toronto gets a steady stream of foot traffic around noon on a weekday. Marc Emery, who helped set up the franchise that flouts Canadian drug laws by selling pot to anyone over 19, is annoyed. The dispensary had been raided the day before by Toronto police.

“It’s the government’s intention to legalise it. So why is the government still arresting people?” he asks. Mr Emery is just one of many owners of illegal marijuana storefronts that have mushroomed in cities across Canada after the federal Liberals were elected in 2015.

. . .
But advocates like Mr Emery, who has dedicated much of his life to fighting against marijuana prohibition and spent five years in a US jail for selling marijuana seeds to Americans, say they have lost patience. “We already have everything settled,” he says. “We know how to sell pot. We know how to grow it. We know how to buy it, we know how to smoke it.”

And they do not give much credibility to the politicians, law enforcement officers, public health officials and academics being consulted on the legalisation process. “Here’s all these non-smokers telling us how it’s going to be,” Mr Emery says. “It’s like straight people telling gay people how they’re going to live their lives.”

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HMJ is watching Canada and will report on their re-legalization as it occurs.


[image:  Cannabis Culture]

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