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Today is September 8, 2009 the new release date for the Blueprint 3 the long awaited album completing the trilogy of Blueprints.  With the groundwork of the album laid down by Grammy Award winning Kanye West (who is also the executive producer), this album once again shows Jay-Z’s capacity to produce what could be his 11th #1 album on the billborad charts.

With features by Rihanna, Young Jeezy, Alicia Keys, Pharell and the new Prince of Hip-Hop Drake. If this album was weed it would be like purple haze and pinnapple express had a baby (try smokin that shit and not feelin some type of way).The album is a great listen and is not a skip through its definately worth the time ,and probably the best investment you could make in any hip hop artist this year or decade for that matter. Its Jay-Z’s simple and modest way of saying that he is the king by making references to his assets both friends and monatery.

Blueprint 3 shows the rappers growth and exudes enough confidence for us to know that he is the king of this game we call hip-hop. Resonable Doubt ,Vol.#3 and Blueprint 1 had a threesome and out came this album. Since we dont know who the father is we don’t know one thing you can definately smoke some great Mary Jane to the Blueprint. So instead of coppin that dub your better of gettin a dime and spending the other ten on the Greatest Work of Hip-Hop so far this Year. JAY-Z’S BLUEPRINT 3.

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Author: Ricco

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